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Ducati Pantah 600

The Ducati Pantah was available in both 500 and 600cc forms. It was a technical stepping-stone for the Bologna marque. The 500 was launched in ’79. The 600 appeared in ’81. They would be an important blueprint for future development. As such, they ushered in more prosperous times for Ducati. When they were released, theContinue reading “Ducati Pantah 600”

Indian Chief

Harley-Davidson can lay claim to manufacturing the world’s best-known motorcycles. Well, American ones, at any rate. But, Harley has always had a rival. The mere mention of ‘Indians’ has long instilled panic in the suited and booted, in Harley’s Milwaukee marketing department! In the ’20s, Indian’s Springfield factory was high up the motorcycle heap. TheContinue reading “Indian Chief”

Brough Superior SS100

When it came to his best-known brand of motorcycle, George Brough did not beat about the bush. ‘Superior’ pretty much said it all! And, to be fair to him, it was – as compared with most of its two-wheeled rivals, at any rate. Saying that, Brough – and his small team of Nottingham-based engineers –Continue reading “Brough Superior SS100”

Mon Dieu! There Are Angry French Bikers on the Prowl, Mon Ami

When the French get pissed about something, they storm the barricades. These French bikers are just plain pissed. The French plan to take to the streets again this coming weekend, and they’re being lead by the French Association of Angry Bikers (FFMC ). The groups allied in the protest have...