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Ducati Monster – Overdrive Customs

We’ve seen it clear as day over recent years, that simply some of the best old-school V-Twin muscle comes from Japan, and there are plenty of American builders who have more than mastered the multi-cylinder. So small is the global village of custom bike building that you can never predict what you’ll find and where. But there is also a natural pull to return to our roots and for Italian Matteo Massaro this meant not only building a Ducati, but a bike that had been with him for the best part of two decades. So, with the V engines moved to the side in the Overdrive Customs workshop, he set about working his magic to turn this 2000 Ducati Monster 600 into something so exquisite, it elicited the name ‘Envy’ from its stablemates.

Matteo hails from the stunning city of Venice and followed the Guy Martin path into the world of motorcycles. “At the age of 14, tired of school, I started my career as a mechanic on heavy vehicles, first Volvo and then Scania. Over the years, my passion for motorcycles increased until I decided to leave the big trucks and open my own motorcycle workshop.” For the past seven years, Matteo has been operating Overdrive and it’s a workshop that could quite easily be located anywhere in the US of A, with plenty of cool Americana and lots of amazing Harley-Davidson builds.

Ducati Pantah 600

The Ducati Pantah was available in both 500 and 600cc forms. It was a technical stepping-stone for the Bologna marque. The 500 was launched in ’79. The 600 appeared in ’81. They would be an important blueprint for future development. As such, they ushered in more prosperous times for Ducati. When they were released, theContinue reading “Ducati Pantah 600”

The Insurance Company Isn’t Impressed By Cool – The Motorcycle You Ride Determines What You'll Pay Them

If your motorcycle is expensive, fast or  features lots of classy add-ons and equipment, then you can guarantee you’ll pay more for your insurance coverage. It’s just a fact of life. Why, you ask? It’s because the insurer would have more to replace in the event of an accident. If...

The Man Who Gave Us the Ducati Monster, Claudio Castiglioni, Dead At 63

The man who saved Ducati and MV Agusta, Claudio Castiglioni, died in Varese, Italy this week at the age of 63. Castiglioni, the man most responsible for bringing the world the Ducati 916 and Monster and the MV Agusta F4, was already a legend in the motorcycling community. “There are...

This Is How You Make a Motorcycle Film – Barry Munsterteiger's Escapism

How do you make a motorcycle look like the one thing you need to buy today? Like this… Barry Munsterteiger and his crew made this gem, and if it doesn’t make you want to hop on your bike and ride, nothing will. Escapism from Barry Munsterteiger on Vimeo. This staggering...