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Tony Fiore’s 1958 Harley DuoGlide

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Looking For Antique Motorcycles and Their Owners in Michigan

Got a motorcycle that’s way old school and cool? Want to see your classic bike in a museum show? We’re looking for you to park your bike for a few hours on the most prime spot along Western Avenue. The Muskegon Heritage Museum is offering the ultimate sweet deal during...

Gasoline Prices

How do you fail selling a horrifically overpriced commodity like gasoline? These days, failure is always an option on the Frontier… Related posts: Will Outrageous Gas Prices Change the World for Electric Motorcycle Makers Ron Finch Is the Antonio Gaudi of Grease and Gasoline Motorcycle Events in Muskegon Michigan 2012...

The Bobber Motorcycle As Art

> The bobber is as essentially complete as a carbon molecule. Nothing else is required for the pure adrenaline pumping thrill of riding. A bobber is Scarlett Johansson without makeup or a Victoria’s Secret pushup bra. The bobber, in it’s pure form, is a machine stripped down to the absolute...

The Bogie

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