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Keira Knightly Chanel Parfum and A Classic Ducati 750 SS

Keira Knightley will surely get a buzz going in this teaser for the new Chanel Coco Mademoiselle fragrance, but it’s the motorcycle she rides while shilling for the parfum that gets my heart racing....

Ron Finch Is the Antonio Gaudi of Grease and Gasoline

There are lots of folks who build custom motorcycles. Some of them are craftsman, some of them are hobbyists, some are visionaries but Ron Finch is an artist with a distinctly unique vision. Finch...

Testing Your F***ing Ignition And Other Useful Motorcycle Repair Tips You Cheap Ass JackLeg

One of the things I love most about the whole world of motorcycles is the completely over the top array of characters you meet on the road, around town, or hanging out working on...

The Killer – Jerry Lee Lewis

Jerry Lee Lewis, the greatest singer and piano player in the history of hillbilly music, has been married seven times – and he’s still very much alive.

Give that a second or two to sink in. Seven times. Still alive.