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Awesome Crusty 1947 Moto Guzzi Astorino 250

A 250cc 4 stroke, single cylinder classic Italian motorcycle, this bike features the external “bacon slicer” flywheel, exposed valve springs, inverted telescopic front forks, and 2-year only external hydraulic rear shocks on a swingarm frame.

ASTORINO vs AIRONE: As rare as they are here, more Americans recognize the Airone that the much more rare but similar Astorino. This rare Astorino model Moto Guzzi was very short lived before it was replaced by the similar Airone. Both are 250cc single-cylinder 4-stroke sport motorcycles with similar frames and front ends. The main differences between the Astorino and the Airone was the Astorino had telescopic rear shocks, the Airone used scissor type external dampers and large springs mounted underneath the frame. The Astorino had exposed valve springs, the Airone’s valvetrain was enclosed in the head.

1958 MV Agusta Raid 300

In the 1950’s there were many little Italian single-cylinder bikes running all over Italy and beyond, but few were as large and as powerful is this little machine. These were known to top out around 80mph in various states of tune and that made it stand out. It has all the style and some of the technology of its bigger brothers, the coolest looking performance bikes on the planet. You simply don’t see these very often at all anymore and when you do they’re normally not this complete or this well restored.

Moto Guzzi V7 by Revival Cycles

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A Rethink of the Touring Motorcycle From Renard

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Everything Old Is New Again at AMA Vintage Bike Show

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