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He Rode His Harley Into Hell on 9-11 – The Bikeriders

FDNY veteran, William “Billie” Eisengrien, now 48 and in his 27th year with the department, remembers the morning of September 11, 2001 like it happened yesterday. On a bright and sunny day in New York City beneath blue skies, six of his friends and fellow firefighters were starting their regular...


Dutch Police Arrest 56 From Biker Gang. There Are Dutch Motorcycle Gangs? You Bet, and They Use Rocket Launchers To Rumble

The Dutch police arrested 56 members of a national motorcycle club in the capital Amsterdam. Seems the gendarmes were looking to prevent Dutch bike gang Satudarah from taking on the Hells Angels. There were indications that members of the Satudarah biker club had traveled to Amsterdam to challenge their rivals,...

The World's Coolest Motorcycle Sidehack Rig

If you check out this site once in awhile, you’ll know that I dig Italian motorcycles and the design esthetic behind them. In my estimation, there’s more to a motorcycle than simply two wheels, a seat and a gas tank; for it to capture my imagination, a motorcycle needs to...

The Killer – Jerry Lee Lewis

Jerry Lee Lewis, the greatest singer and piano player in the history of hillbilly music, has been married seven times – and he’s still very much alive.

Give that a second or two to sink in. Seven times. Still alive.

A Historical Timeline of the Harley Davidson Motor Company

In 1903 Harley and Arthur Davidson build the first production Harley-Davidson motorcycle in 1903. It features a a 116cc engine working from a 10 x 15-foot shed on Chestnut Street in Milwaukee. That’s still the address of Harley-Davidson’s corporate office.

The Balls Out Heroes of Board Track Racing History

A brief history of board track Motordrome cycle racing in the United States. The awesome sound track is Hugo Race & True Spirit preforming “Girl called Sunset” recorded Live in Zaklad Karny (maximum security prison), Wolow, Poland, October 20, 2009. The second track, also from Hugo Race was recorded with Dirt Music (Chris Eckman & Chris Brokaw) is called “Niger Sundown”. You can find out more about Hugo at his website: