The lyrics he came up with, sometimes believed to be in Polish, were actually invented by him and do not mean anything in any language known to humankind:

Mmmm-mm-mm-ommm Sula vie dilejo Mmmm-mm-mm-ommm Sula vie milejo Mmm-omm Cheli venco deho Cheli venco deho Malio Mmmm-mm-mm-ommm Helibo seyoman Cheli venco raero Malio Malio

In the previously-mentioned interview, Bowie said that he believed that the phonetics of the lyrics could express the emotions and convey the message even if they didn’t really mean anything. Warszawa proves him right. The choral part, perfectly fitting the solemn but gloomy character of the music, has become one of the best illustrations of longing for freedom ever recorded in popular music.

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