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Guy Martin Pushes for 52 Express Motorcycle Speed Record

To break the World Motorcycle Speed Record, Guy Martin is aiming for 400mph with the 52 Express

Guy Martin and the 52 Express streamliner team, Project 100, seem to be getting closer to breaking the World Motorcycle Speed Record on a daily basis as the clock ticks down. Yesterday, during the second day of testing at Elvington Airfield, the 52 Express streamliner was guided to a top speed of little under 150mph – the crew is aiming to surpass the existing 375mph record when they visit Bolivia in 2023.

Project 100’s Guy Martin and his crew have spent more than a decade planning and building a vehicle that they believe will break the existing speed record of 376 miles per hour and reach 400 miles per hour. A maiden run at under 90 mph was achieved over two days, lifting the Rolls-Royce-powered 1200bhp machine off its stabilizers and giving the crew the opportunity to fine-tune the vehicle’s stopping distances and establish baseline measurements. It’s just day two, but the 52 Express has already reached 150 mph

At this point of the record attempt, there is still a lot of work to be done, and it is very much in the early stages of testing.

Martin will still be seated in a 1950s-style cockpit atop a 30ft labyrinth of aero-grade metal tubing containing a 50-year-old helicopter engine that was first produced in Derby over 50 years ago.

Alastair Smith, Bernie Toleman, Dave Blundell, Alex Macfadzean, and Bernie Toleman are the four members of the team behind the record-breaking effort, which is based out of the team’s Essex headquarters.

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