This 1967 Holman-Moody Ford Honker II Is Iconic

This wild racing machine is one of the most famous American supercars to ever grace the track.

Holman-Moody has become a household name in the automotive business, particularly among NASCAR fans.

This is largely due to their pivotal role in influencing the way we build race vehicles and in instilling the peculiarly American ideal of always being the greatest. Every time rubber meets asphalt, these magnificent automobiles have fought tooth and nail to take home the prize in everything from Nascar to road racing.

Holman-Moody is still in the business of developing racing cars that test the boundaries of what an American machine can do. This Honker is a stunning example of such a vehicle.

Complemented by the astounding 377 ci Ford SVO V8 which produces a mind-boggling 600 horsepower and is mated to a Hewland LG-600 transaxle transmission, the look of this 1967 Holman-Moody Ford Honker itself is fantastic.

The Gurney-Weslake heads and four Weber carburetors help this power unit produce immense power. This classic Holman-Moody Ford Honker II, which dates from 1967, has been lovingly refurbished throughout the years and is now ready to rip up the track once again.

Because of the stickers and racing-inspired paint, it’s difficult to discern if the exterior is original.

Even so, this car is instantly recognizable to car fans all around the world. The front and rear canards emphasize that this vehicle is serious about business, and with the amount of power it produces, it needs to be.

The inside is typical of a race vehicle. This means there is only one seat, the gauge is large enough for the driver to see all critical information, and “carpets” are not on the menu.

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