UK Designer Builds Scrambler E-Bike Out of Plywood

Capable of a top speed of 28 mph (45 kph) and covering 22 miles (35 km) in a single charge, the Electraply is a thing of sustainable and artistic beauty.

Designer, woodworker and motorcycle enthusiast Evie Bee says she came up with the Electraply e-bike in an effort to marry classic motorcycle styling – and sustainable design – in one useful ride.

Made mostly from plywood with a few salvaged but critical bicycle parts incorporated, Bee says she’s hoping to incorporate sustainable design, some up-to-date manufacturing methods and a few of the carpenter’s advanced construction methods to come up with the Electraply.

Once she settled on her favorite source material after researching a long list of ‘scrambler’ style motorcycles from the past, Bee says she ultimately modeled the Electraply on the styling of the Yamaha SR 250 Scrambler. Her choice was in part due to the availability of donor bikes.

The designer started with layers of poplar plywood and milled them via a CNC machine. The metal parts were adapted with a plasma cutter.

The Electraply weighs in somewhere near 66 lbs (30 kg), battery and motor included, and that’s not much more than the total weight of a standard fat tire bike.

While laminated poplar plywood was used for the central frame, Bee used birch plywood for outer pieces of the frame which required additional strength.

The motor is a 26″ front-wheel unit driven by a 36 volt, 12.5ah battery.

Bee says the front brake is electronically connected to the motor to shut down the system as the brake is pressed.

“The design of the bike was inspired by my love for the cafe racer and scrambler motorcycles of the past,” Bee says. “As a woodworker with a passion for sustainable design and combining modern manufacturing methods with traditional construction techniques, I felt this project would be a perfect – and challenging – opportunity to bring all these interests together and push my ‘making’ skills to the limit.”

You can check out a Kickstarter campaign Bee set up for the Electraply here…

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