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The Sportsman Flyer Kit Board Track Racer Motorcycle

The Sportsman Flyer

I’m suddenly stricken with the urge to build something like this, the Sportsman Flyer.

The Sportsman Flyer is a moped on steroids reminiscent of the classic boardtracker motorcycles of days gone by and they’re built by Pat Dolan in Gilroy, California.

Not only does it look really, really fine, it appears to be engineered for the long haul. The beautiful handlebar setup along would be worth the price of admission to the club.

Here’s the really cool part, you don’t have to break the bank to roll one into your garage.

Dolan sells them as kits and complete bikes and The Sportsman Flyer comes in a variety of configurations. It comes standard with a 66cc 2-stroke motor which, while it produces a relatively modest 9.5 bhp, will probably move it along about as fast as you want to go on bicycle tires. Should you need some exercise, you can just disengage the motor and take off with pedal power.

The kit prices start at $1,250, and that includes a frame, tank and a couple different choices of some very nice, solid-looking springer forks. Engine prices vary. I’m pretty sure there are motors out there (like maybe a Chinese Lifan) you could stuff into the roller that would provide an unnecessary – but wholly satisfying – amount of top speed.

Get your Sportsman Flyer here…

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