The Sultans of Sprint Season Highlights

Just a quick post tonight to throw the spotlight onto the 2018 highlights video from our good friends at the unique, exciting and ever so slightly crazy Sultans of Sprint race series. After a great 2018 that included bikes like Bernard Mont’s spectacular ‘Nowhere Faster’, along with the VTR Spitfire BMW and the Schlachtwerk ‘Skinny Beast’ Yamaha that went on to win, we decided to work even more closely with the SOS crew in 2019.

Expect the series to be even bigger and better this year. There will be more speed, more customs and (don’t say I told you this) even more manufacturers. Hell, we might even join in the fun ourselves. But I’ve probably given away more than I should. All I’ll say right now is that if you like custom bike sprint racing and seeing grown-ass adults partying in Sesame Street costumes, keep you TVs tuned to this very station. More soon.

[ Sultans of Sprint ] - - - - - Greazy Bastard

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