Take the Train to Oblivion

“Got yourself a game leg hey kid? You should have jumped off. That would have been the smart thing to do. You should have jumped Kid. I got to hand it to you kid, you’re smart. You play both side against the middle. Have your self a high old time. But now its lasted long enough. Oh, you can keep running kid, but you’re running out of train!”

So you got a game leg?

The Emperor of the North was a 1973 film was directed by Robert Aldrich. It starred Lee Marvin, Keith Carradine, and Ernest Borgnine.

During The Great Depression, legendary hobo “A no. 1” (Marvin) says he’ll be the first to hitch a ride on the train run by the psychotic conductor Shack (Borgnine).

Shack’s reputation rests on his vow to make certain no hobos ever ride his rails.

Cigaret (Carradine), jumps in to the competition to take down Shack and unseat A No. 1 as the Emperor of the North.

The battle is grotesquely bloody and, entertaining.

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