My Dream House

My dream house has a football field and three king beds smushed together so I never fall off.

It sports a 27-foot by a 27-foot shower with 27 shower heads. plus it has a hockey arena with 4 nets each on one side a Zamboni to clean the ice. It also has a basketball court and 25 basketballs. Another thing it has is a living room with a tv that is 15 foot by 13 foot with a massive recliner that fits perfectly on a 20 ft by 18 ft wall.  A sky zone trampoline park with a foam pit a trampoline park a dodgeball area with 25 balls. A airtime that has a ninja American warrior track to go on and if you fall you fall in the water or you fall in a foam pit it matters what side you want to go on. A game room that has a flat screen tv that a projector makes the screen light it also has a Xbox one console, a  p.s 4 and it has a big drawer for the controllers.  last but not least there is a war room for waring with paintball guns or nerf guns.

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