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Engagement and finding a method of reaching into the psyche of a particular audience by playing to their interior monologue. As for the SEO element, it was essentially keyword-based a pushed to an audience looking for motorcycle insurance.

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This Is Your Brain On A Motorcycle

Taking advantage of influencers through outreach and finding common cause. It’s not necessary to make a pitch grotesque, simply to make it palatable and, if possible, subtle enough to avoid a hard sell and push a reader further into the funnel.


This is excellent SEO. The new “keyword stuffing” is now long-form content that the Google algorithm scoops up.


Targeting Rich Snippets

Where backlinks and influence once ruled, the actual mechanics of SEO such as the structure of data are now the game. Schema must be immaculate and without being prepared for “rich snippets,” all efforts at delivering content will fall short of their intended targets.

  • Can you live in a RV?
  • What is Boondocking in an RV?
  • How much does it cost to live in an RV park?
  • Can you park a camper anywhere?


Content Length

<h2>Our Story at TheCarTest</h2>

<a href=””><img class=”aligncenter wp-image-363 size-full” title=”Top Selling Cars in Australia-2018” src=”” alt=”Top Selling Cars in Australia-2018” width=”791” height=”291” /></a>

TheCarTest will dramatically improve your <a href=””>new car buying experience in Brisbane</a> from start-to-finish.

Not only do we extend the test drive and delivered directly from the manufacturer straight to your home or office, we’ll be your personal Car Care assistants.

With all the new cars available to drive in the marketplace,  our focus is providing the very best in customer care.

You wouldn’t marry a guy you’ve only just met, right? Yet buying a new car is somehow different?

There are a lot of details involved in manufacturing a car, and just as many details involved in making certain that vehicle fits your needs.

Is the boot too small for your daily hauling chores? Is the backseat too tall?  Is the car missing a full-sized spare? Okay, the front seats look so appealing, but will that low-level ”clicking” noise the new car makes frustrate you over time? Will that barely perceptible road noise hum turn into an ongoing nightmare? Do your golf clubs fit comfortably and did you check to see how well the children’s car seats fit in the back?

It’s the little things that count.

There’s only one way to know for sure how the small details of a car will work for you, an extended test drive under real-world conditions.

With over 60+ unique brands available to you,  making the correct choice has never been more attainable. Yet finding the time available to drive them all is just unrealistic – and practically unbearable.

We <a href=””>offer you a chance to save time and money with our stress and pressure-free new car test drive service</a>. And for working with us, we can use our contacts with the manufacturers to present you with exclusive ‘below-retail’ pricing.


<h4>Here’s how you can dramatically improve your new car buying experience in Brisbane, throughout Queensland and all over Australia…</h4>

<iframe style=”border: none; overflow: hidden;” src=”;show_text=0&amp;width=560” width=”560” height=”315” frameborder=”0” scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”></iframe>

<h4>Our Top New Car Test Drive Tips:</h4>


<li>Did you check for the location and ease of use for the primary controls such as the clutch,  steering, pedal function and seat adjustments? Are the driving and passenger positions compatible with the height of the dash?</li>

<li>Are infotainment systems easily operated?</li> <li>Are the front seats comfortable and supportive (not too soft or hard)?

Are the gauges and display screens that are easy to view? How about the climate-control systems?</li> <li>Did you bring your iPod or phone along? Android interface? How does the stereo sound and how easy is it to control your devices when synced with the entertainment system?</li> <li>What about Bluetooth wireless? Wi-Fi connectivity? Voice activation? Do they function with your mobile devices? Are there sufficient spaces to place your gadgets while driving?</li> <li>How does the navigation system respond to input? Is it functional and intuitive to operate? Does it provide accurate directions?</li> <li>Many dealerships will balk if you’d like to test drive the car for an extended period, but you’ll get a more comprehensive feel for your choice if you take it out alone – without distractions.</li> <li>Does your chosen vehicle have sufficient power to merge into highway traffic flow?</li> <li>What is your chosen car like when it comes to parking? Is the turning radius useable?</li> <li>Is the visibility through doors and windows comfortable?</li> <li>What about cabin noise? Wind noise when the windows or moonroof are open?</li>


These answers to these questions – and many more – will <a href=””>determine your long-term enjoyment of your new car, so take your time and make an informed decision…</a>

<img class=”alignnone wp-image-211 size-full” title=”Get Hands-On Car Selection and Test Drive Help in Brisbane With TheCarTest” src=”” alt=”buying a new car in Brisbane” width=”679” height=”480” />

TheCarTest is a concierge-style service that provides new car buyers with access to insider auto buying advice and a hands-on-the-wheel test driving experience.  You’ll need new car selection and test drive help in Brisbane, and we’re going to make your new car buying experience completely painless.

It works like this: Buyers select from a short list of cars that they love for a 3-7 day ‘try before you buy’ test drive experience. Using our Our Swipe’n’Drive car matchmaker, you can bring the emotion back into the decision-making process. It’s a unique ‘brand-to-buyer’ connection with a real, thoughtful and objective analysis of how a new car buyer can get exactly the care they need – and the car they want.

We’ve built the ability to <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>aggregate real-time data within an “offline” environment, and the result is a ground-breaking opportunity for OEM’s and car dealers who can promote preferential price points</a> allowing them to individually target and incentivize customers within the buying process.

A recent survey showed just 17 out of 4002 people thought the car buying experience was satisfactory, that’s less than 1%. Studies show that 88% of people won’t buy a car without test driving it first and yet 81% believe the current test drive experience to be inadequate.

In the last 2 years, some 250+ new car models were released into the Australian car market from more than 65 brands. Compare that to America which boasts just 44 brands.

Where do consumers go if they don’t end up buying your car and why? This is what we call the “offline zone” during the retail buyer’s journey.

<em><strong>Get Hands-On Car Selection and Test Drive Help in Brisbane With TheCarTest</strong></em>

We start at the beginning of the retail journey, capturing the consumer with a ‘concierge-style’ consumer-first approach.

Our objective is simple, to establish a relationship with consumers as a trusted mobility advisor, and in return, the customer will provide invaluable data.

<h4>TheCarTest Solution</h4>

We offer extended test-drives with home or office delivery, preferential pricing that keeps the sale local (allowing dealerships to retain PMA sales) and real-time consumer data to help OEMs improve their results.

Our Swipe’n’Drive match-maker focuses on ’emotive buyer behaviour’ while forging direct ‘brand-to-buyer’ connections.

During the test drive, you’ll be asked to rate the car. The more you rate the better your discount gets! The brand in conjunction with TCT promotes preferential pricing points once the test drive is over.

All new car buyers through the program also receive 3 years free servicing and roadside assistance included.

Market size

The new car market is worth appx $41b per annum in Austalia and 1.17m new cars were sold down under last year. The numbers are expected to grow at a rate of 3%.

We also know that 74% of the household <a href=””>buying decisions are made by female consumers</a>, and as a result, we’ve carefully crafted our experience to serve your needs.


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