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Testing Your F***ing Ignition And Other Useful Motorcycle Repair Tips You Cheap Ass JackLeg

One of the things I love most about the whole world of motorcycles is the completely over the top array of characters you meet on the road, around town, or hanging out working on or watching someone work on bikes.

Working on motorcycles is an acquired skill which, given enough years standing over various basket case jobs, can rise to the level of an art form. The old school motorcycle mechanic has seen it all and possesses all the shortcuts, tricks and knowledge to get damn near any bike back on the road. Part engineer, part electronics expert, and all grease monkey, the old school guys also tend to get touchy – a little like lawyers – at always being asked for free advice.

They can, at their best, also be a little like doctors as they diagnose and recommend treatment for their seriously ill “patients,” and this guy, though his bedside manner could use a touch of polish, might some day be the only thing between your bike and a trip to the boneyard.

This guy might be a little grouchy, but like nearly everyone in the motorcycle fraternity, he’s also willing to lend a hand even if you are a “cheap bastard” looking for a free ride.

This is the official Channel of  HHH Cycles  Motorcycle repair, restoration and customization
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Venice, Florida 34293
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The doctor is in…

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