Salt Flats Bonneville Nimbus. Brilliant. Beautiful.

Just the coolest motorcycle project ever…

From the page:

How to make a NIMBUS-engined supercharged methanol-fueled
Bonneville Salt Flats racer in 42 easy steps:
Think up stuff …. make drawings of said stuff … make stuff … put said stuff together .. start up the darn thing .. BRAAARP !

This page is about my build a Nimbus-engined bike to run on The Bonneville Salt Flats in the 750 APS-VBF class ( Max. 750 cc / Home-build frame / Partially Streamlined / Vintage / Blown /Fuel ) and hopefully set some sort of speed-record.

…Frame: own design. Made with “..32 mm / 4 mm . ( That’s: 1¼ ” / 1/6 ” )
seamless cold drawn hydraulic line pipe according to DIN 2391/C…EN 10305-4…St 37.4 NBK. Will be TIG welded.
…front-fork: off a Harley Davidson Sportster. Shortened.
…front-wheel: off a Honda Gold Wing , minus the brakes
…rear-wheel: rim from Honda Gold Wing. Nimbus center and drive-gear will be mounted
…tank: off some unknown moped
…seat: home-build
…engine: will be modified Nimbus engine
with AISIN supercharger from a Subaru Vivio mini-car, driven by cam-shaft extension
…carburetor: Keihin CV carb off a HD Sportster ( I think…not sure )
…fairing: aftermarket fairing for a MZ bike. Produced in Denmark sometime in the seventies

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