Ducati 900ss Custom

The Ducati 900SS was, and is, a beautiful piece of functional machinery, and  Old Empire Motorcycles have ramped that up a couple of notches with this custom version.

It was once a 1995 900SS which features a 904cc air-cooled twin, and it’s a beautiful mill indeed.

But what Old Empire garage has done with it is…art. This bike represents the cutting edge of  custom bike building, and you can see more of their work here.

Photos,  Onno Wieringa


Ducati-900SS-OEM 7 Ducati-900SS-OEM 6 Ducati-900SS-OEM 5 Ducati-900SS-OEM 4 Ducati-900SS-OEM 3 Ducati-900SS-OEM 2 Ducati-900SS-OEM

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