1941 Indian Scout at the Muskegon Heritage Museum

MUSKEGON, MI – Antique motorcycle owners are in luck for Muskegon Bike Time.

During Bike Time, July 18 to 21, the Muskegon Heritage Museum will display antique bikes outside its building on W. Western Avenue for the first time.

“We’re looking for 1950s or older. We’d really like to see ’20s and ’30s, but that’s hard to do,” said Adam Winters, the museum’s chief engineer and board vice president. “We’re just going to try it out and see.”

He said he will arrange bikes – up to 20 – in three spots outside the museum. Some of the bikes can be stored overnight inside the museum.

Participants can also get photos taken with the museum’s photographer.

The museum is a nice backdrop, and there might be opportunities to get photos with the 1880’s steam engine inside, Winters said.

He said that a few bikes have already registered with the museum and more are welcome. During the festival there will be scouts in the crowd looking for antique bikes to invite to be displayed.

“We just want to give them something different to look at,” Winters said. “And of course the museum will be open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.”

Winters said money won’t be changing hands for the bike display.

The museum houses lots of industrial-age machinery – much of it in working condition.

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