Rick Salazar’s Dad Mario Was A Righteous Specimen And He Passed It On


Rick Salazar is a bike guy who builds some slick rides out of his Marysville, Ohio shop.

His current stable includes a ’71 Bonneville, a ’66 Royal Enfield Bullet 350, a ’66 hard tailed, jockey-shift Bonneville chopper and a ’71 T100C he spun to look like a barn find.

Where did all that class come from?

Mario Salazar started the ball rolling back in the day. He ran hard on Harleys and Indians in cash races on the street, hillclimbed and bobbed his own daily riders.

Rick says Pops was a “slightly loose cannon,” but I beg to differ. From what I can see, pappy was tighter than a drumhead and a pure specimen of Classic American Righteous Wildass.

Check Rick out here on Facebook/RicksFixIt, and if you want some of that class for yourownself?

Rick’s got his Bonneville chop up for sale on Craigslist here…

All Photos Courtesy of Rick Salazar:



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