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A Stylish, Classic BSA S26


BSA (Birmingham Small Arms) was the the largest producer of motorcycles in Great Britain, and indeed, the world.

BSA was formed in 1854 as union of weapons producers and joined together 14 Birmingham gunsmiths. In 1880 BSA began to produce bicycles and replacement parts for them, in 1903 started to motorize them and in 1909 produced the first motorcycle with one-cylinder engine, the Minerva 499 cc model.

During World War I the production of motorcycles was stopped and the company concentrated on producing weaponry, but after the war, returned to motorcycle building.

Near as I can figure, this is a 1926 BSA S26 which produced somewhere around 5bhp.

I took this shot last summer during an endurance race for pre-1930 motorcycles.

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