A BMW Scrambler?

Scrambler BMW R65 Pictures

Motorcycles BMW R-Series of the 1980s are considered extremely reliable and sturdy machines. The guys from the “Hook Motors” with the support of “Totti Motori” built a cool scrambler based BMW R65. According to the masters, mountain bike designed for dirt roads, as it has good handling and is extremely light.

Scrambler BMW R65 Front Side View

In this case, the BMW R65 motorcycle with minor changes, with virtually no attention to the masters there are very few components. The start was made overhaul of the engine, which is in the process of a little squandered. Then the guys have set scrambler exhaust, made by special order.

Scrambler BMW R65 Photos

Other details and features of the scrambler BMW R65 are as under:

The tank is divided into two parts: one room for the fuel to the second – electrical components for hydraulic brake +
Saddle – Work Roberto Totti
Customize frame and wings
Native wheel BMW
Tires Continental Enduro and many other small things

Scrambler BMW R65 Meter

Scrambler BMW R65 Silencer and back mudguard

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