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AC Sanctuary Kawasaki – Everything Old Is New Again

Sanctuary RCM Kawasaki Z1 Images

Well Known Japanese experts “AC Sanctuary” engaged in repair and tuning of the old Japanese motorcycles 70′s and 80′s, using modern technology, but keeping a more classic design. They specialize mainly in large four-cylinder motorcycles. The studio founded in 1995 by a Japanese Hiroyuki Nakamura. The first shop was opened in Edogawa east of Tokyo. Now “AC Sanctuary” have six offices throughout Japan.

Specialists AC Sanctuary has built really beautiful and cool bikes, but they are often quite the same type of projects. For example, a custom “RCM-232″ (Real Complete Machine) based on the Kawasaki Z1. Such projects AC Sanctuary we saw quite a few, but they all differ from each other by small details.

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