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This Is How Much I Believe You’ll Like My Photography

I am certifiably insane…

Since I miss the work of creating great photos, the vision and collaboration involved, I’m trying something new.
Call it ‘Pay For Play.’ You book a shoot, we do the work, then you pay what your conscience dictates and your pocketbook can stand.
That’s right, no set price, just what you think the images are worth to you. You tell me your honest opinion, swipe your card for the agreed-upon amount, I burn a disc of the images for you, and we call it good.
Simple. Looney.
Call me crazy – and this deal won’t last for long – but until I’m booked so tight I need a day off, that’s how it works.
Give me a call to discuss your needs and ideas and we’ll make it happen…
Okay, I’m not completely insane. Weddings operate under a different price structure. They take a ton of hard work and love, but I still offer them at a price which won’t make you cry before your big day. Call or email me for those prices.


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