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BMW R90S Concept by Roland Sands

BMW Concept R90S Ninety Pictures

BMW introduced a new concept of “Ninety” in honor of the 40th anniversary of the classic motorcycle BMW R90S and directly of his 90th birthday. The project is a collaboration with the design studio BMW Roland Sands and his company Roland Sands Designs. The BMW Concept, along with other classic tales will be presented at the show “Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2013″, which will be held May 24-26 in Italy.

Concept BMW Ninety has a lot to do with the classic superbike BMW R90S, beginning with a race fairing and finishing with orange color of Daytona. As in the original R90S, the headlamp is fitted into the front fairing, but instead of the usual halogen lamp used art LED technology. All parts of the body kit is made of aluminum, including the fairing, fuel tank and tail, which is a bit like an airplane wing. Among modern components can be noted dashboard: analog tachometer and speedometer, LCD display with backlight. The screen shows the various indicators, such as ABS.

The team of Roland Sands lot of custom manufactured parts: the valve covers, wheels and engine covers. In addition, American customizer worked with the exhaust system, brakes and controls, suspension “paralever” and the air filter under the saddle. Original BMW R90S is one of the best and fastest motorcycles of its era. Due to the high power motorcycle can accelerate to 200 km / h. Reg Pridmore raced a BMW R90S in the American Superbike and won the first ever championship in 1976.

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