Ellaspede – Custom Triumph Bonneville Bike 2013

Custom Triumph Bonneville

Motorcycle Triumph Bonneville is one of those bikes that look very cool in Stock videos, even almost standard of beauty. However, many customizers of Triumph Bonneville are trying to do even better, and often, surprisingly, they do it. Most often enough to add a few of custom parts to motorcycle literally started to shine. Now the guys from Ellaspede have proceeded to alter Triumph Bonneville.

Custom Triumph Bonneville Handle and Meter

Of serious modification can distinguish slight variations of custom frame and seat, rear wing and lower the steering wheel. Masters Ellaspede like to use spoke wheels, but because of the low budget had to put alloy wheels, painted by powder method. However, the whole essence of modernization lies in the small details. For example, light and tidy set a little lower to balance the design. At the fork dressed corrugated anthers, while the tone and changed the location of the ignition.

Other details:
LED brake light under the saddle of custom mounting number
The shorter muffler
Alarm system
New wiring
New handles, mirrors and other small items

Custom Triumph Bonneville Seat and Back View

Custom Triumph Bonneville Images

Custom Triumph Bonneville Pictures

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