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Custom Honda CX500 Cafe Brat Review and Pictures

Custom Honda CX500 Cafe Brat

Honda CX500 is one of the most exotic motorcycles, released by Honda. The model was presented in 1978. At that time the motorcycle had a number of innovations that have or have not been used at all, or were rather unusual. We are talking about such things as the propeller shaft, forged wheels, carburetors CV, liquid-cooled engine and the longitudinal configuration. It is also interesting that the electrical ignition system was made separately from the entire electrical system of the motorcycle, then a motorcycle can be started with a “pusher” and the ride even in case of failure of the electrical system.

Despite the relative uniqueness of the Honda CX500, bike quite often used as a donor. In this case, Jonathan Forget and Alexandre Bordeleau tried to create a hybrid between the classic cafe racer and the iconic Japanese Brat Style.

Certain details and features of the project are as follow:

Photographs courtesy of Nicolas Polanco

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