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Mrs. Sup Jr.

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As we continue to celebrate women riders during the month of May, take a look at this rider, Harriet Supernant.

From Chicopee, MA, Harriet was an active member of the Ludlow Motorcycle Club as well as the Motor Maids, which was founded in 1940 and today is the oldest continuously-operated women’s riding organization. According to her nomination for the AMA’s “Most Typical and Popular Girl Rider” contest for 1961, Harriet was an avid cyclist, entering many events including Enduros, Turkey Runs, and Reliability Contests, and she amassed a large collection of trophies for races won. She was also named “Miss New England Tour Queen” during the 1961 Laconia Gypsy Tour.

The bike in this photo, a 1960 XLH Sportster nicknamed “Mrs. Sup Jr.” for her name painted on the gas tank, is currently on display in the Museum Lobby.

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