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Custom Scooter Honda Ruckus Based on LV Project

Custom Scooter Honda Ruckus

Honda Ruckus is one of the most popular scooters that customizers used as the basis for their projects. Tuning Scooter Honda Ruckus (Zoomer) has become a special and extraordinary culture. The machine is equipped with a 49 cc engine, but even as standard looks very cool thanks checkered frame and pair “goggle-eyed” headlamps.

Over the past few years scooters Honda Ruckus (Zoomer) have become very popular. There are many tuning companies engaged in the production of scooters and tuning aftermarket parts and accessories. For example, the company “Rucksters”, which is located in Arcadia, California.

Custom LV Project is a collaboration Rucksters and tuning studio BTX Industries. In this case, the redesigned Honda Ruckus Scooter “screw up.” First of all undergone significant tuning power unit, rather it was replaced by a 150-cc engine Honda GY6, which is usually installed on larger scooters. Further modernization will include Mikuni TM28 carburetor and exhaust Yoshimura. Custom scooter LV Project weighs less than 90 pounds and are obviously much faster stock options, which can reach speeds up to 65 km / h.

The list of upgrades is huge. Redone everything from the frame and finishing painting. Rear wheel, for example, removed from the golf carts. Many of the details are taken from the catalog Rucksters, some BTX Industries manufactured specifically for this project, and others from catalogs of famous brands: Front caliper Brembo, Dunlop TT92 front tire and more.

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