Barcelona Bound Yamaha XS650 by La Corona

Custom Yamaha XS650 by La Corona Photos

It is very difficult to import bikes and other vehicles in the country of Spain. But four men of “La Corona Motorcycles” have managed to make a sharp Xs650 cafe. They achieved their goal after working on it for weeks. They had to do a lot of paperwork for this purpose.

Custom Yamaha XS650 by La Corona

It is a classic model for regular use having uncovered back and fanciful design. Its popularity is increasing day by day especially in Europe due to its style.

As this motorcycle is for regular use, the main focus of the makers of the bike was on the minimization of the cost. They tried to reduce as much cost as possible so that they could sell it at a low rate. They were successful in it.

Custom Yamaha XS650 by La Corona Fuel Tank and HNDLE

The basic structure of the bike is slim and narrow. It has a skinny body and a narrow petrol tank. The starting of the bike was made easier with the help of electronic ignition. Pod filters were installed in the bike to improve its quality. High quality tires were used in it for smooth running.

Custom Yamaha XS650 by La Corona Back side view

The bike has already been sold. It structure makes it fit for the narrow streets of sunny Barcelona. Three more bikes have been made of this type and they are trying to improve it to fulfill the demands of the customers.

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