Triumph Speed Twin Concept

Triumph Speed Twin Concept

This bike is a creation of two english designers named Roy Norton and Tom Kasher. They designed it with the help of Triumph Motorcycles and Barbour Outdoor Clothing. The original bike which was modified to this new bike is Triumph Bonneville.

The two designers started making the design of the bike when it was their final term in the university. Cafe racers, bobbers and Triumph bikes were the inspiration of the two young and talented men. After that they contacted Triumph and Triumph accepted their idea and helped them. The designers say that Triumph appreciated them a lot and they help them throughout the making of the motorcycle.

Triumph Speed Twin Concept

First of all the bike was designed with the help of model board, foam and clay. This material is very helping in making such kind of models as they can be molded in any form. After making the bike with this material they made the real bike with the real bike material.

Triumph Speed Twin Tyre

The frame of the original bike was modified to give it a new strong look. High quality cloth, Barbour is used on the seat which makes it comfortable as well as beautiful. The color of the bike is very bright and shining which makes it more interesting.

Triumph Speed Twin Fuel Tank

This bike is a great achievement of the makers, it has made them much popular.

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