Renard Grand Tourer Review

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Estonian entrepreneur J. Laan is the maker of this bike. He founded it in the year of 1938 in Tallinn. He named it as Renard Cycles which is in French. It means “fox” and thus logo of the bike was based on the head of fox. Later in the year 1944 the factory which made it was destroyed by a bomb blast and thus the Estonian’s motorcycle industry became a memory. A few years back a group of people tried to revive the brand. Then the bike was shown to the world in Hanover Technology Fair. Its a modern type of bike with a large number of good features.

Renard Grand Tourer front and back pictures

The frame of the bike is very light, weighing only 11 kg. The bike is so nicely designed that even the tank doesn’t spoil its look. The engine is of Moto Guzzi and it is air cooled. It is a high class engine found in the high standard bikes. It is able to pump out upto 125 hp and it gives the bike the high speed of 230 km/h. It has a wheelbase of 1450 mm and the trail is of 97 mm.

Renard Grand Tourer Images

Such high standard bikes are very unusual. It has a body like a dream bike. Every bike lover will surely love this one. It has a high demand.

Renard Grand Tourer Above View

Renard Grand Tourer

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