Mule Triumph Bonneville Review

Mule Triumph Bonneville

Sometimes something’s need to be changed not because they are not good but to have a better thing. A captain of the U.S. Air Force named father Dave Reinhart after returning from Iraq Thought of reshaping his bike. He had 2006 Triumph Bonneville and he asked Richard Pollock at Mule Motorcycles to modify his bike. He just wanted to enhance the qualities of his bike. But no one knew it will become a dream bike.

Mule Triumph Bonneville Fuel Tank

The bike was not customized a lot and it seemed just like a factory bike with a little changes. But in reality all of the parts of the bike were modified and improved. The engine’s cradle tubes were removed and some components of Streetmaster were installed in it. The engine was able to get cooled automatically and thus, there was no need of an extra radiator so the radiator was removed from the front. This enhanced the beauty of the bike.

Mule Triumph Bonneville Pictures

For more modification Pollock took the help of A&A who are the specialists of flat-tracks. They used the billet triple clamps which are adjustable. They used the high quality fork tubes, 43mm Buell M2 Cyclone. The stock headlights were also modified and their ears were shortened to ⅜ inches. The inner rubber sleeves were also changed to make it look like a factory thing. The front feeder plays an important role in giving the bike a factory look.

The wheels and brakes of the bike were removed and new wheels and brakes of wider Sun aluminum rims were installed. The front one is of 2.75 * 18” while the rear is of 4.25 * 18”. The front brake was improved and it was made 320mm Brembo rotor. Some other changes were made by Dunlop Sportmax radials.

Mule Triumph Bonneville Wheel and Disk Break

The motor was improved but it was also not made any extraordinary thing rather it was kept simple. An airbox eliminator kit was used with crab rejet. Moreover ignition was altered with the South bay Triumph. It was thus improved by 2 degrees and the revolutions were improved to 1000 revolutions in a minute. This improved the quality of the bike many times.

A few Triumph accessories were also used to enhance the beauty of the bike. They made the bike look more powerful. Eye Catching and comfortable hand brakes were installed. Mule reshaped the rear fender to give it a new look. They also changed the location of the LED tail light and the blinkers. Two extra small wheels are also fitted at the rear. They are used just to add an extra charm to the bike. The whole bike is colored nicely. It has an orange color which is extremely beautiful. This color was once used by Triumph itself in 1960s.

Mule Triumph Bonneville Back Seat and Lights

The bike has no extraordinary shape but it still looks decent and cool. All of its parts look as if they were specially made for it. Its color easily gets the attention of everyone. Its factory look makes it different from the other custom bikes.

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