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Cinco de Derby

This weekend is not only the Kentucky Derby but also Cinco de Mayo—so will it be Margaritas or Mint Juleps? What’s a drinker to do?

While you could certainly celebrate both events, we suggest you combine them into one super-holiday: Cinco de Derby, a mash-up of Kentucky’s and Mexico’s finest.

And what better way to observe this momentous occasion than fixing a few cocktails that taste great with either tequila or bourbon? Though it might sound crazy, there are several classic elixirs that work beautifully with both spirits.

So on Saturday or Sunday (or both), mix up a traditional Old Fashioned with your favorite American whiskey, and then try the Añejo Old Fashioned variation from top New York bartender and advisory board member Julie Reiner, which calls for Partida Añejo Tequila.

Another one to make is the Manhattan (pictured above, right). While the staple famously features bourbon or rye whiskey, using reposado tequila instead produces a complex version we’ve dubbed the Distrito Federal (pictured above, left).

Love Negronis? Well, the refreshingly tart Italian concoction, which usually contains gin, Campari and sweet vermouth, proves to be surprisingly versatile. You can sub in bourbon for the gin to get a delicious Boulevardier or tequila to get the exotic Tegroni.

But no matter which cocktails you decide to enjoy, please pace yourself: It’s going to be a long weekend.

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