Custom Honda CB350 Sake Racer Review

Custom Honda CB350 Sake Racer

There are a large number of custom bikes all over Paris. Piaggio MP3 scooters which have three wheels are very popular there. But the best bike anyone can have there is Honda CB3500 K4. It is the sharpest bike there. Parisien Patrick Escand build it. He had great interest in off road bikes but after an accident he has shifted his interest and now he is interested in road machines.

Custom Honda CB350 Sake Racer Head Light

Parisien Patrick Escand loves this bike and he has given it a name of “Sake Racers”. It was firstly purchased for just 500 euros which are almost equal to 650 American Dollars. But Patrick spent a lot of his time on this bike and he completely rebuilt the bike. He improved its engine and lowered the both suspensions. Moreover he reshaped the frame and used the wheels of Honda CB250. Both the wheels had equal size.

Custom Honda CB350 Sake Racer Engine and Handle

He arranged the tires along with shocks and headlight brackets from Dime City Cycles while Deus provided him the handle bars. Furthermore, turn signals, rev counter and many other parts were provided by the French Company GMP Classic.

Custom Honda CB350 Sake Racer on Stand Images

It has a very attractive tank and it gets the attention of the people easily. He took it from an older K0 model of CB350. First of all he removed the logo of Honda from the tank and then it was sprayed by Croco Deco Moto. They also helped him in rebuilding the bike.

Custom Honda CB350 Sake Racer BAck Light and seat Photos

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