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Custom Motorcycle Harley Sportster “Stellalpina”

Harley Sportster Stellalpina

Roberto Rossi is a very famous concessionary of Italy. He is a great lover of bikes. He own a museum where he shows his personal collection to the people. He has many different and unique bikes. His collection of bikes include Mille Miglia Alfa Romeo 1750 GS Zagato and vintage tractors. These are very famous bikes and they increase the charms of his museum.

He often gets custom bikes and this one is the newest of all his custom bikes. He says that this bike is designed for dangerous mountainous tracks.

The bike is of the year 2004 but he has modified it to make it look modern and improve its
quality. He has lowered down the tank and readjusted its position to the back. Moreover he resized the rear frame and made it a little shorter. The tires have been improved and the front tire is now 19 inches and the back tire is of 16 inches. Bates and Lucas are the front and the rear lights of the bike respectively. The design of the whole bike is customized and it is very attractive for the bike lovers.

It is a powerful bike and it has a low weight which makes it easy for it to twist on the dangerous tracks. The design of the bike is best suited for mountain tracks.

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