Cleveland Cyclewerks BSA Review

Cleveland Cyclewerks BSA Review

Scott Colosimo is the owner of this bike. He owns a company named Cleveland CycleWerks. The company is known to make custom bikes in the range of common people. This bike is for the personal use of Scott Colosimo.

He modified a 1954 BSA M21 to a marvelous new bike. His main objective was to remove all the unnecessary parts of the bike and just leave those which are essential for it to run. He had to keep the bike away from the eyes of ebay because this bike was not able to assure the safety of the person riding it.

Cleveland CycleWerks BSA Pictures

He stripped down the motorcycle and thought of improving it. He spend some time on thinking and clearing his vision.

First of all he tried to use the wheels of 21 inch each but he failed to do so. So he had to fix 19 inch wheels. He wanted to make the bike bigger than the others.

Cleveland CycleWerks BSA BAck Wheel

The only thing in the bike that he used brand new was the tank while all the other things were old. This tank was of Elswick Cycles. Only the paint of the bike looked neat. All the other things were left as they were. His concept was to build a bike that has no extra thing and it can only be used to ride.

Cleveland CycleWerks BSA Engine

Cleveland CycleWerks BSA on stand

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