Analog Honda CB350

Analog Honda CB350

Mike Hranica is the front-man of a company named Devil Wears Prada. He likes classic bikes. He always preferred classic bikes over the others. He is the owner of this classic Honda CB350.

He asked Tony Prust to build a bike like he wants. Tony Prust is of Analog Motors. Mike wanted to make a specific bike. He had some idea in his mind and he told it to Tony Prust.

Analog Honda CB350 shocks and back lights

Mike was greatly inspired by CB450 cafe racer that was made by another bike love named Eric Meglasson who worked in Holiday Customs. Mike wanted to make a bike of the 70’s style. He wanted no extraordinary bike as he had to ride it in Chicago which is his home town.

Analog Honda CB350 Pictures

He asked Tony to make the bike lower but lower bikes are very dangerous for Chicago. He made the bike lower from the rear while he left the front as it was. He used gazi shocks so that the bike doesn’t come too close to the ground. He intelligently lowered the bike so that it was no more dangerous to ride.

To modify the engine the bike was taken to Jason Koschnitzke. He changed the engine. Mikuni VM30 carbs was installed. Dyna mini coils were used to start the bike and the battery was of Earth X lithium iron phosphate.

Analog Honda CB350 Engine

Analog Honda CB350

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