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New Motorcycle Suzuki GW250S 2014

Suzuki GW250S 2014

At the International Motor Show in Shanghai (21-29 April), the company introduced the new Suzuki motorcycle “Suzuki GW250S 2014″. To start a novelty, based on the standard model of Suzuki GW250 , will be sold only in China, but Suzuki are determined to deliver the bike to Japan and Europe.

The main difference between models of Suzuki GW250S brother is in a small fairing, which ensures better aerodynamics and wind protection. Also worth noting is a high wheel, made in order to improve the comfort and convenience of travel. Motorcycle Suzuki GW250S equipped with a 248-cc two-cylinder engine with liquid cooling. The power unit is well demonstrated in practice, showing high reliability and economy of operation. In general, Suzuki GW250S is a good bike for the city and rare visits to the track.

Suzuki GW250S 2014 Pictures:

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