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Instrument’s Honda DCB750 Specifications and Pictures

Instrument's Honda DCB750 Pictures

When it comes to building a cafe racer or other, retro motorcycle customizers often look for inspiration in a wide variety of vintage things and try not to use high technology. Toby Grubb and Justin Lewis, being employees of the Oregon agency “Instrument”, strongly disagree with this tradition. In this regard, the guys were inspired by computer Mac Pro G5 and the philosophy of Apple.

Instrument’s Honda DCB750 Specifications:

Designer: Toby Grubb
Customizer: Justin Lewis
Master: Ian Halcott of Twinline Motorcycles
Donor: Honda CB750 1973
Engine: SOHCM 736 cm3
Carburetors: Keihin
Exhaust: Nostalgia Speed & Cycle
Tires: Firestone Vintage
Fork: 1979 Honda
Farah: 7 “LED Halo
Turning: Daytona Mini (front) and Revival Cycles Micro LED (rear)
Tools: Joker Machine
Steering wheel: klaben, risers
Pens: Black Driven D3 Aluminum
Side steps: Custom Fabrication
Buck / Vehicle: Ian Halcott
Saddle: New Church Moto

Instrument’s Honda DCB750 Pictures:

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