The Top 5 Green Drinks

Not that long ago being an environmentally conscious drinker wasn’t that easy or really fun. You didn’t have many choices and had to search for the few organic brands. But now there is, fortunately, a much broader selection of green spirits as well as mixers. Here are five to look out for. Happy Earth Day!

Tres Generaciones Plata ($35) and Reposado ($38) Tequilas:

Tres Generaciones has gone organic. Its agave is farmed without pesticides, and the distillery only uses natural yeasts. The brand’s plata and reposado tequilas are USDA-certified, and in the next couple years, the añejo will qualify, too.

Bar Keep Organic Bitters ($18):

It’s not just booze that’s organic but also ingredients like the Bar Keep line of bitters, which was created in conjunction with top bartenders around the country. This fall, the company is planning to launch two additional flavors.

Re: Find Vodka ($35) & Gin ($38):

It doesn’t get more green than taking a wine-making byproduct and turning it into hard liquor. That’s exactly what Villicana Winery founders Alex and Monica Villicana have done in Paso Robles, Calif. They distill vodka and gin (pictured above) from grape juice that they would normally bleed off and discard. Currently, the products are available in California and will soon be in other areas.

American Harvest Organic Spirit ($24):

American Harvest is made from organic winter wheat grown in, you guessed it, America. It’s distilled into vodka in Idaho,and the resulting elixir is USDA-certified organic.

VeeV VitaFrute Cocktails ($15):

Even pre-mixed elixirs are going organic. VeeV, which is known for its açaí-based, carbon-neutral spirit, has introduced VitaFrute ready-to-drink cocktails. Each one is organic and contains fewer than 125 calories per serving.

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