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Cafe Racer Honda CBX1000 – Custom Motorcycle

Cafe Racer Honda CBX1000

Sweden has produced good cars (Saab, Volvo) and trucks, but there are also excellent bike customizers. For example, the man from the workshop “Adam’s Custom Shop” has built the custom cafe racer Honda CBX1000.

On the basis of the Japanese motorcycle Honda CBX1000 always get interesting custom bikes, as the six-cylinder inline engine is quite unique in itself and very charismatic. In addition, Adam has a pretty radical solution by making the exhaust pipe configuration 6 to 1. Speaking of the cafe racers in general, the work done by the enormous – much redone and particularly well developed rear of the motorcycle, and in general the bike is significantly facilitated.
Others modernization: new wheel style klaben, suspension, radial brakes, filters, K & N, red-gray- golden painting and much more.

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