European Riders Are Increasingly Choosing Honda DCT Box

European Riders Are Increasingly Choosing Honda DCT Box

Japanese motogiant Honda has invested a lot of resources into the development of second-generation gearbox with two clutches (dual clutch transmission). Now the company is reaping the fruits of their labors, thus, the decision to design and develop the DCT technology was the right decision from the Japanese manufacturer.

According to reports, Honda, with the release of the Honda VFR1200F motorcycle in 2010, it sold 12,500 motorcycles with boxes of DCT. At present the company produces four models for the European market: VFR1200F, NC700X, NC700S and Crosstourer. You can also mention the scooter Honda Integra, but it comes with the DCT gearbox as standard, that is, the buyer does not have much choice. As for the other four patterns, when the purchase of one of them the customer can choose between the conventional frame and DCT. And most interesting is that more and more people are opting for innovative transmission DCT, although at first many treated it with great skepticism.

Some Statistics:
– In February 2013 Honda motorcycles sold 44% NC700X box DCT. For comparison, in April 2012, when model just appeared, it sold only 10%
– In February 2012 25% Crosstourer motorcycles were sold with boxes of DCT, a year later – 70% …

Now Honda continued to develop this technology and adapt it to the new model. Of the latter: CTX700 and CTX700N.

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