The Modern Motorcycle Revisited


The Modern Motor Cycle Company set out to recapture a sense of motorcycling that seems to have faded in recent years.

By the mid 20th Century, motorcycles had evolved to a point where they were reliable and functional, but still humble and elegant. They were machines for easy and stylish transportation, made of honest materials with a spirit of simplicity and ingenuity. Since then motorcycles have become increasingly plastic, angular, over-decorated and over-engineered.

Using mostly ’60s and ’70s Japanese motorcycles in need of TLC, we strip all unnecessary components, repair, rebuild, modify and customise, making each bike individual.

Christian Condo, proprietor of the Modern Motor Cycle Company, spent seven years as an automotive mechanic and five years as an industrial designer. The motorcycle bug wouldn’t leave him though, and MMCC was born to bring these fields together.

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