The Concept of Ferrari F40-Inspired Harley Davidson

Ferrari F40-Inspired Harley Davidson Concept

Not long ago, the brothers del Prado from the workshop of “DP Customs” launched a design contest for one of their future bikes with original and unusual ideas. Best Concept brothers embody the metal! In the meantime, you can consider one of the most interesting projects, custom Harley-Davidson style Ferrari F40.

There are certain rules in The competition “DP Customs”, but the most important thing is that the basis for any concept to be motorcycle Harley-Davidson Sportster. It would seem, restrictions too severe and does not give space for the imagination, but it all depends on the designer directly. And the concept of Harley-Davidson Ferrari F40 is a good example. Sportster motorcycle was never too aggressive and the more sporty bike, but skillful modernization changes everything: low exhaust style Ducati Panigale, low landing landing, dregovaya rear tires, heavy fork and small elements of design in the style of Ferrari F40.

Customizer: Paolo

Ferrari F40-Inspired Harley Davidson Sportster Photos

The Concept of Ferrari F40-Inspired Harley Davidson Sportster

Concept Custom Bike Harley Davidson Ferrari F40

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