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Mark III paintwork…..

…..has been taking up some time in the last couple of days….i struggled a bit with the work yesterday, had a couple of stupid mishaps, scratched the tank, and generally got fed-up with painting outside…when we eventually finish our house and move out of the shed ill have a space for painting, but for the rest of this year its outside in the elements….

i chose some pretty conservative colours for this bike. silver, mercedes anthracite and black. This bike has all the running gear from a mark 3 but all the bodywork that came with my mark1 when i got it….so its a bitsa, and i didn’t want to try and make it look like a replica but rather a tasteful custom, hence the conservative paintwork. i got some good clear coats on today, so its looking good. I’ll leave it for a few days, block it back and hit the final coats of clear before final assembly.

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