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Custom Sports Bike BMW K100 by BSK SpeedWorks

Custom Sports Bike BMW K100 by BSK SpeedWorks

BMW K100 is an interesting motorcycle that is customized by Ben Kingham from the workshop “BSK Speedworks” in Bedfordshire, England. British experts will try as much as possible to facilitate the Bavarian motorcycle, make it stronger, more aggressive and faster. It is worth noting that motorcycling Ben in the blood.

Project Details:

Donor: BMW K100 1984
Engine: 987 cm3, 90 hp
Power System: Injector Bosch LE-Jetronic
Frame: Overcooked and UK replica
Shock Absorbers: RAM rear, front springs Progressive
Wheels: 3.50 120/17 and 5.00 160×17
Tidy: Acewell, digital
Exhaust: BSK SpeedWorks with a Delkevic silencer
Side Steps: BSK SpeedWorks

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