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Chopper L&L Sportster

Chopper L&L Sportster Pictures

Sometimes age customizer does not matter, the young craftsmen are also able to build great motorcycles. For example, consider the chopper, which has worked over 21-year-old Dutch engineer Paul of the workshop “L&L Choppers” (custom-largest company in the Netherlands).

The basis of his project, Paul used the motorcycle Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200, more engine, transmission and a few small details. He designed Chopper frame independently.
Other details: 23-inch front wheel, springer fork, craft unique engine cover, a lot of home-made parts (fuel tank, fixed numbers, bolts and all sorts of stuff). Interestingly, the construction of the bike took only 10,000 euros for four years, but it was worth it – spend most of their free time on such a masterpiece.

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