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Custom Yamaha XS850 by Spin Cycle Industries

Custom Spin Cycle Industries Yamaha XS850 Images

What could be more beautiful than metal? Of course, painted components are much longer, and they are practical, but steel parts can be seen every scratch, dent and mark. In addition, they are much more brutal and steeper in comparison with colored components. The guys from the workshop of “Spin City Cycle Industries” built a custom Yamaha XS850 with a lot of steel parts, polished to a shine.

First custom Yamaha XS850 Special allocated a beautiful fuel tank, although many other details, of course, form the character of the bike. Initially, U.S. experts have called the bike just “Brute”, but after some upgrades have decided to change the name.

Some details of the project:
• Redesigned frame, powder coating – work wade of vulture cycles
• Fork Yamaha r6 2009
• Custom saddle
• Tail completely redone
• Simplified wiring
• Native intake removed
• Homemade exhaust 03.01

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