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Tail section of MarkV…

…. got some good time today on the tail section of the Mark V le mans…i’ve been trying to get it to sit right with the tank that we I have for the bike, an alloy imola ducati tank. I’ve taken a few of the details, the depression to the rear section, the radiused corners and the overall lines and tried to let that inform the tail. I had a basic shape in mind and drew a side profile keeping in mind the frame rails, mounting points and how i wanted the seat foam and cover to appear in the finished product. Then I cut the two side sections and annealed them in preparation for bending. I bent them and then mounted them to the frame rails. Once mounted I cut a cardboard section and did a greasy finger rub of its shape. I cut it and you can see how it fits above.

 I tacked it together, and once I had that done i removed the section from the bike and set to it with the hammer and various dollies to really get the joints flush.

I finish welded it along each length.

Next I got stuck into it with the course file. This is my favourite part…You can feel every imperfection when doing it this way…..much better than any electrical tool i think…..its also a shitload slower, allows you the time to correct any wrongdoing…no second chances with grinders.

Once filed up on one side i set to it with 120 grit on a block plane…

I will have a go at the otherside tomorrow.

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